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The Sponsored Charity for 2007 is the Friends of the Cancer Centre formally know as the Friends of Montgomery House (see  http://www.friendsofthecancercentre.com/). At time of writing their site was being upgraded.

Our January meeting was addressed by Dr Gerry Hanna, Consultant Oncologist from the Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital and Colleen Shaw from the Friends or the NI Cancer Centre who both gave very interesting talks on their involvement with the charity, the help that is given to patients who suffer from the illness, the help given to their families and the work that goes into the search for a cure for cancer.

The Next Event on the Calendar for the Friends of the Cancer Centre is the Annual Charity Table quiz on Monday 26th March with all proceeds to Friends of the Cancer Centre and is in the Lisburn Golf Club. This was a very interesting meeting, which was followed as usual by a chat amongst those present over welcome cup of tea, which is still being provided with a smile by Roy Chambers and Harold Speers. Our secretary Sheila took it upon herself during ‘teatime’ to organise a collection for our charity which raised a marvellous £235.00, thanks to everyone who supported this worthy cause, could we have more interesting speakers such as these talking about relevant issues PLEASE!!!

After the evening of craic at last years table quiz it has been decided to go for it again (an extract from last years report on the quiz was

It was a new effort for the club and probably one of the best nights entertainment that the club has had. The fun, camaraderie and the sportsmanship were fantastic and as well as that we raised £1500 on the night). A well used quote comes to mind “It is not about winning it is about the taking part!!!

Aye right, everybody was there firstly to win and also enjoy themselves, there was only one winner but there was certainly plenty of enjoyment and I never heard one complaint.

This year’s event is to be held at Lisburn Golf Club on Monday 26th March 2007 It is our intention with the help of our club members to arrange a second annual table quiz with all proceeds being directed to Friends of the Cancer Centre (formerly ‘Friends of Montgomery House) Charity number XN87225 Our aim will be to attract teams (tables of 6) drawn from mainly old vehicle clubs and other clubs, groups or associations in Northern Ireland to take part in a fun evening in which they will have the opportunity by competing against other teams


Can we take this opportunity to thank Officers and Members of the Banbridge Old Vehicle Club for their lovely flowers they were much appreciated.

Roy and Myreve Chambers 21 to uphold the honour of their club.

We intend to have, during the evening, a raffle and an auction in which we will be prepared to sell anything (within reason!). We would appreciate the help of as many club members as possible to seek out some items from shops or businesses that you think could be used for the raffle or auction to make this an event to remember. With your help our chosen charity will gain some funding to help in their quest to put all money received to good use in improving patient care, the purchase of vital equipment and provision of first class facilities. Under it’s new name and in it’s new home, Friends of the Cancer Centre has much unfinished business in continuing to contribute to the care, treatment and support of cancer patients and their families throughout Northern Ireland ‘Friends’ has a proud history and now, based in the heart of the new Cancer Centre, can continue to do what it does best; raise money to put directly back into projects that make a real and meaningful difference to patients and their families, ‘Friends’ can help to make a difference.

Please, everyone, let’s try to make this years event even more successful than last years. Don’t be put off by the ‘quiz’ bit, contrary to what I have written above it really is just about ‘taking part’, try to gather up a team (6 to a table) and give me a ring it will be necessary to pre- book your table where could you get a nights crack at only a fiver per head? Come on you’ll enjoy it. If you are prepared to make the effort to assist with the organising, make a personal donation, or to seek out people who would be willing to make donations or even help on the night, any help, please contact:-

Samuel Spence on 077 8551 0376

We also are having a Banbridge Cavalcade in add of Friends of the Cancer Centre. Banbridge Old Vehicle Club have come to an arrangement with the management team of ‘THE OUTLET’ at Bridgewater Park and Banbridge District Council, in that the club will organise a ‘Parade of old vehicles’ (over 20 years old) on behalf of ‘Friends of the Cancer Centre’, from the car park of the new designer outlet, just off the A1, along a route into Banbridge town centre before returning to the Outlet.